Monday, October 3, 2011

Remember September

Remember September, 

The month of the year,

When summer is going,

And autumn is near.

Remember September,

When apples grow fat,

And pumpkins grow even

Fatter than that! 

Dear friends,


On behalf of all of us at Lesley, I welcome your participation in our New Teacher Community.  We are open to all teachers---beginning teachers AND experienced teachers!  We’re thrilled to have you be part of our group. 


The Lesley University New Teacher Community is here to support you and nourish you!  We provide consultation, we award mini-grants, and we offer you support by convening meetings of novice teachers and disseminating information through a blog, a website and through a Facebook page. 


The New Teacher Community (NTC) will send you emails from time-to-time alerting you to events and workshops that you might be interested in.  Our Facebook page provides you with links to some of the best thinking about teaching and learning.  Please join our discussions! We have so much to offer each other!


Save The Date! Saturday, November 5, 2011! Come join us for brunch and conversation!  

We are all so excited about this and hope that you'll put it on your calendars.  Our special event is entitled: "What I Know Now That I Wish I Knew Then: Advice from the Pros for New Teachers."


There will be door prizes and good food, and you'll get a chance to talk with other teachers and listen and learn from experienced teachers and administrators about what they wished they knew in those beginning years of teaching. We will offer PDPs as well.

As novice professionals and beginning teachers you'll face new challenges, have fabulous experiences, build a repertoire of lessons, and yes, you'll have lots of fun with your students. The first years of teaching will be memorable for each of you and we at the Lesley University New Teacher Community wish you the best.  We are here to cheer for you, hold your hands, support you, inspire you, and even, maybe at times, to humor you!  We wish each of you and exciting and memorable school year. 




Andi Edson


Lesley University New Teacher Community


* Weekly Reader, Edition K,  Sept. 2004

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  1. Hello Out There:
    My name is Mike Pabian, and I am an Instructor in the School of Education. I have almost 40 years in the business behind me, so maybe there is something I may offer in the way of advice and/or encouragement. From time to time, I will be posting some musings regarding my work.
    I guess it might be good to start with a question. I would like to ask you how you are supported in your current placement? I'd love to hear from you