Thursday, May 8, 2014

Elevating, Honoring and Encouraging: Wisdom from the New Teacher Center

Elevating the teaching profession, honoring the leadership and talents of experienced teachers, and helping to encourage a new generation of teachers

Given that government forecasts predict that we will need to recruit somewhere around 300,000 new teachers per year, the US Department of Education has launched a large scale teacher recruitment campaign which includes a public service announcement by President Obama about a teacher in Hawaii who inspired him. 

We need to elevate, inspire, and launch the next generation of teachers and honor the talent and leadership of our expert teachers in order to build a powerful, prestigious teaching profession. This very same point was highlighted in the introduction to this recent Ed Week Commentary that argues for elevating the teaching profession to the point that public perception of teachers matches that of other professionals like doctors and lawyers.  A recent article in the Huffington Post, “Here’s why we’re optimistic about the American Classroom,” highlighted the results of a survey by Scholastic and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in which, along with other questions, they asked teachers why they were motivated to become teachers. According to the survey, an overwhelming majority of teachers said their top reasons for going into education were "to make a difference in children's lives," "to share my love of learning and teaching" and "to help students reach their full potential."

Here’s a way you can help to encourage anew generations of teachers:Description: mage: Take Part - Be A Teacher VideoFirst, you can follow and participate in TakePart’s campaign to inspire the next generation of teachers.

Have you ever heard being a teacher as described the following way? “You will lead a force of small humans who will change the world. They will battle the biggest dangers facing mankind.” If you know a young person who has yet to decide what career path to take, share this highly entertaining, life changing YouTube video

Finally, forward information on to anyone considering entering the profession. And most important of all, next time a young person says to you, “I want to become a teacher,” make sure to say: “That is a great profession. You’ll be building the next generation of leaders and shaping the future. There are not many other professions where you get to do that. Good for you.”

Courtesy of the New Teacher Center:

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