Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Peacemakers? They are all around and here's a way to recognize them!

Do you know a youth peacemaker in your life? Someone who uses courage, compassion, and collaborative change to make their community a better place? Nominations and applications for the Peace First Prize are available! Open to ages 8 to 22. If you're interested, curious, or just want to find out more about an amazing program, check out http://www.peacefirst.org/prize
From their website: "Too often,young people in our country are dismissed and overlooked. They are either portrayed as trouble-makers, technology-addicts, or just plain careless.
Peace First exists to change all that. 
Imagine a group of incredible young people, each honored publicly for their role in transforming their communities into more peaceful and just places. 
 Imagine sharing their inspiring stories with the public. Imagine distinguished Americans from the arts, politics, sports and business communities championing young people as the real celebrities of our culture. 
Imagine adults seeing the power of young people as positive influences and problem-solvers. 
You have now envisioned how the Peace First Prize will ignite and recognize youth peacemaking.
Follow the link to find out more about this and to apply or nominate someone. 

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