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What a fantastic opportunity!  GO FOR IT!

 Summer Teacher-in-Residence


Looking for a new way to stay connected during your vacation?

Spend this summer at the Museum of Science as a Teacher-in-Residence. Learn from our staff and share your knowledge of formal learning environments, get a behind-the-scenes perspective of the Museum, and serve as a liaison between the Museum and your school or district.

About the Program

As a Teacher-in-Residence, you will collaborate on a relevant Museum project, participate in a weekly seminar, and work on an independent project of your choice.
This program runs Monday, July 6 – Thursday, August 6, 2015. Our typical program week is Monday – Thursday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm; however, flex schedules are available. During the school year, you are also expected to work an additional 24 hours to research and develop a product determined by you and your Museum partner. All participants must also attend a call-back meeting scheduled for early December. Although we are not able to offer housing, we do offer stipends of $3,000.

Teacher-in-Residence Positions

Our 2015 positions include:

Developing Online Curriculum Resources with the Hall of Human Life

Seeking a middle or high school teacher to assist in developing an online curriculum based on our Provocative Questions interactive, to translate this Museum-based activity into one that can be easily accessed and used in classrooms. Provocative Questions prompt visitors to discuss questions that science can inform but not answer, with visitors developing the skills to differentiate between scientific evidence, social values, and personal experience. This teacher will work with the Hall of Human Life exhibit team to develop a basic outline for a future web-based curriculum resource and identify online platforms and tools that will support teachers in conducting Provocative Questions discussions in their own classrooms.

Early Education at the Museum of Science, Boston

Seeking a teacher currently working with Pre – K students to assist Museum staff in reviewing opportunities for early childhood STEM education on the Museum’s Exhibit Halls floors. Work alongside staff members in various Museum departments to identify Museum resources most appropriate to this audience, and help us generate ideas to innovate our current suite of offerings. This teacher will assist in creating age-appropriate resource guides and related educational materials for students. This work will culminate in a workshop for early childhood educators during the 2015 – 2016 school year. Why are you applying for this position? What do you hope to learn from this project?

Educator Resource Center Library Collection Evaluation

Seeking a school librarian to assist in evaluating and reorganizing our collection of curriculum resources for teachers. This professional will work with library staff to assess the current collection of 3,000 print resources using tools including circulation data and patron feedback. As part of this project, the Teacher-in-Residence will become fluent in state and national education standards; identify gaps in our existing collection; and make recommendations for improving the usability of these collections for patrons. The ideal candidate will have experience with lesson planning and working with state and/or national curriculum standards.

Pixar Exhibit Educator Guide

Seeking a middle or high school teacher to work with Museum staff to refine field trip planning materials for our newest traveling exhibition: The Science Behind Pixar. Working with Museum education and marketing staff, this teacher will develop a strong understanding of the main components and educational goals of the exhibit in order to provide feedback on an educator guide to the exhibit. Help us map the exhibit to the proper educational standards, make curriculum connections, and develop activities to be used with students. The teacher working on this project will also assist in the development of additional Museum programming related to the Pixar exhibit, including a field trip planning workshop for educators. A background in STEM and/or computer science is preferred.

Traveling Programs for Preschoolers

Seeking a preschool teacher interested in working with our Traveling Programs department to develop an outreach program for preschool students. This teacher will assist Traveling Programs staff members in designing a STEM-focused program for early learners based on the Massachusetts draft standards for Science and Technology/Engineering, and advise staff on creating developmentally appropriate experiences for this age group. As part of this project, the Teacher-in-Residence will participate in the development of hands-on activities and create supplementary resources related to this program. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in child development and experience integrating STEM into their classroom.

Teacher-in-Residence Sponsorship

Teacher-in-Residence opportunities are made possible in part through generous support from Genzyme, and the J.B. Swett Jackson endowment.

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