Thursday, January 21, 2016

Enrichment Grants: This only comes around once a year! Don't miss this opportunity!

Dear Members of the Lesley New Teacher Community,

This is a reminder to each of you that the deadline for applying for the 2016 Lesley New Teacher Community Enrichment Grants is January 31, 2016.

These grants are a wonderful potential funding source for you!  In the past few years this generous program has granted teachers funds have been used for such things as classroom supplies for specific projects, teacher enrichment such as attending a conferences or  mini-courses, or membership in professional organizations.

You can access our 2015-2016 Enrichment Grant application from our website.  The direct link is:

While we have your attention, here’s a heads up!  Save the date!  Save April 2, 2015 for our “Hooray, It’s Spring Event” on Social and Emotional Learning.  We’ll come up with a catchy title, but for now, put a red circle around the date on your calendars!

All the best,


Andi Edson, Ed. D.
Lesley University New Teacher Community

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